Central Church of Christ

November Sermons Outlines


II Chronicles 7:12-16

def.;(n) The act of one that blesses.  Something promoting or contributing to happiness.

Blessed (adj) Hold in veneration;revered.  Bringing happiness, pleasure, or contentment.  Blissful.

SCRIPTURE: Matthew 5:1-16

Theme: Know what you are looking for...

Aim: To refocus- Isaiah 55:8-9,11

I. What are Blessings?

          A. TEACHINGS that lead to knowledge, wisdom, and understanding.

               1.  John 8:31-32              How to be free? Requires action.

               2.  Genesis 12:1-3          Requires action.

               3.  Genesis 15:1-8,18     Difficult to comprehend, sometimes.  Believe.

               4.  Daniel 3:17-30            Believe and Do; it's worth it.

II. How are they GIVEN  or RECEIVED?

          A.  GIVEN.

               1. Genesis 50: 14-21     Merited and Unmerited.

               2. Matthew 25:31 -40    Random acts.  (Matthew 7:21f)

               3. James 5:16                It is a blessing.

          B. RECEIVED.

              1. The Gospels              Not always recognizable for what it is.

              2. Luke 17:11- 18           Sometimes taken for granted.

              3. Psalms 34:7-9             Sometimes forgotten about.

              4. Psalms 68:19             Can't count nor know all of them.

Conclusion: Hold fast to your greatest blessing (Luke 10: 19 20)