On April 25 and 26th the Ladies of Central Church of Christ gathered for the annual Ladies day retreat. The topic of discussion was Praising God in the drought in which we learned key attributes on how to praise God when we are facing difficult times. The speakers and their subjects were as follows:
SANDRA CLARK- PEACE -PSALM 34:14  SONJA MARSH- SILENCE =LAM 3:25-26  LEIGHANN JONES- FAITH -HEBREWS 11:6 NINA MASSENGILL- LOVE-JOHN 14:21-24  CAROLYN JENKINS- PRAYER -PHILLIPPIANS 4:6At Avila the sisters at Central Church of Christ through meditation,prayer, singing, and God’s word we came to understand that through praising God, meditating on God we can have peace both physically and spiritually.

              Ladies Fall Mingle

                                         Tea time


We had a wonderful time.  An afternoon of laughter and sharing and

getting to know each other better.

Central Church of Christ

   Ladies Retreat 2014.